We believe in simplification, and we strive to help our clients simplify, rather than complicate, their financial lives.  A comprehensive financial plan will assess your financial situation and provide recommendations in the following areas:

Personal Financial Coaching

We can add value by coaching you through important life events, including buying a home, starting a family, and approaching retirement.  A lifetime of careful planning can be compromised by an uninformed decision at a critical moment.

Retirement and Financial Independence Planning

Defining your goals for life and constructing a plan that incorporates those goals. Accumulating wealth is a good thing, but without goals it becomes a meaningless exercise. We will help you answer the question “What does money mean to you?” For many people, money means freedom to pursue their true goals in life.

Life and Disability Insurance Needs Analysis

We will review your insurance needs and make recommendations in the areas of life, disability, and long-term care. We will also offer advice regarding policies, deductibles, and premiums. We will also help with the implementation of insurance plans as desired.  Note that KFP does not sell any insurance products, or receive commissions, but we will recommend reputable insurance brokers for you upon request.

Education Funding Planning

We will assist you in setting up a college plan for each of your children, as well as in determining how much you can afford to spend on education.

Income Tax Planning

We will review your tax returns, examine your current and projected income tax exposure, and make recommendations to optimize your income tax withholding.

Estate Tax and Net to Heirs Calculation

We will structure a plan that distributes your assets according to your estate planning objectives. We will calculate your estimated estate taxes and net amount to heirs, as well as review your current estate planning documents to ensure they are in order. We can also provide assistance with implementing your estate plan, as well as referrals to estate planning attorneys to complete any needed documents at your request.

Investment Policy Statement Development

We will develop an Investment Policy Statement, a formal document that codifies how your assets will be managed to meet your goals.

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