King Financial Planning & Management, LLC offers a free consultation to all prospective clients.  To begin the planning process, simply complete our Confidential Planning Profile, save the file, and return to us via email.  Please note that we are unable to give any insights or estimates without this information.  We do not need sensitive personal information, such as social security numbers or account numbers, even if you become a client.

Once we have reviewed your organizer, we will set up a call to discuss which services would be appropriate for your situation.  We are typically able to identify simple improvements that pay back far more than our fees in the first year alone.  The current billing rate is $325 per hour, and the typical plan takes between 10-20 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of your situation.  If you decide to proceed, we will then complete a Financial Advisory Service Agreement that details the services to be provided and the anticipated cost.  No payment is due until your plan is completed to your satisfaction.

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